The $20 Trick – Does it Work?

Vegas $20 trickFor those of you that haven’t heard of this, it works sometimes, and it doesn’t sometimes. Here’s Vegas on a Budget’s recommendation of what to do, followed by a disclaimer of sorts:

Walk in to the check-in desk of your hotel room, and if you have previously booked a standard room, this works even better. When you get to the front of the line, pull out your credit card, driver’s license, and a $20 bill. Set the $20 bill in the middle of the two cards and politely ask, “Are there any complimentary upgrades available?” The desk clerk may just offer a free upgrade! If it doesn’t work, no sweat, at least you tried. In most cases, the clerk will return your money; be prepared if they don’t. They have the ability to upgrade rooms at their discretion, so this is perfectly legal. We have heard of some places have tried to ban this, but hotels don’t give an official answer on it. Give it a shot!

If you’re the type that doesn’t do “tricks” like these, simply speaking with the hotel clerk about what you intend to do is also an acceptable practice. Chances are the room you’d have been upgraded to would sit empty anyway.

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More Cheap Eats and a Cheap Hotel

Vegas Buffets

(taken from Where to Eat in Vegas) We have covered some cheap places to eat that are near the Strip, but what about options for the more adventurous in search of a good bargain? We have you taken care of! Here are some options that will leave you full and ready to get back into town with a heavier wallet than usual:

The Stations

These would be Boulder, Palace, Texas, and Sunset Stations, and they offer some good buffet food away from the hustle and bustle. Notice we say good, not great. If you’re looking for fancy food or presentation, look away, but if you’re in for a good, well-priced meal that will fill you up, any of the buffets here will do.

Terrible’s (site here)

As the name implies, you may want to pick and choose what to eat here based on the time of day. Late night, you can get steak, chicken, spaghetti, and more for only about five bucks. Perfect after a night of partying, and the breakfast deals run all day — pancakes, eggs, and bacon for three bucks. Not bad for food that’s not terrible.

Ellis Island Microbrewery (site here)

It’s about a block away from center Strip and the largest Super 8 we’ve seen. It has a great $8 steak special that isn’t on the menu; ask for it, however, and you get one of the best deals in Vegas food. Home-brewed beer and a Thursday pizza special complete a great value if you don’t mind the atmosphere.

We also have a great deal on where to stay–Circus Circus in Vegas. It’s perfect whether for a family vacation or just to enjoy the sights and sounds.

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